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Why do I have pigmentation ?

Why do I have pigmentation ?

Happy New Year to all our clients.

If you are like me and have always looked after your skin only to find pigmentation in certain areas on your face.

So what is Pigmentation ?


Pigmentation is sun damage which is unprotected sun exposure. If like me you have used  sun protection on holiday you might ask

why have I still got pigmentation now ?




The answer is the sun damage occurred in the younger years when no sun factor was used. It only surfaces as

we get older. Sun protection should not be limited to the summer and when you are on holiday. Sun protection should be worn all year round and topped

up in the summer throughout the day. A good sun screen factor 50 must be used and the great news is it will not stop you from tanning all it will do is stop the harmful rays from being absorbed by

the skin.

So lets get technical and try and understand a little bit about Pigmentation / Malasma 


The first step to successfully treating pigmentation is to seek professional advice.

It is best to avoid buying numerous products which in turn can sensitise the skin and make the problem worse. We find most clients come to us once they have tried so many different products and have spent a lot of money and still are faced with the problem only getting worse.

When we treat pigmentation we firstly use a tyrosinase inhibitor. Tyrosinase is an enzyme produced in melanocyte cells and is crucial in the synthesis of melanin (pigmentation). By restricting the activity of tyrosinase the skin will make less pigment. One of the most common tyrosinase inhibitors is hydroquinone, when used properly as advised by your practitioner a topical cream containing  hydroquinone can successfully treat the concerned areas. Following a course of treatments with the correct home care products can treat pigmentation over a broad range of skin tones.
To improve results even further, using a combination of hydroquinone and other products such as Retinoids , antioxidants glycolic acid and – most importantly – broad-spectrum suncream.
Retinoids work by increasing the cell turnover, by increasing this you have less cell turnover.


However clients must seek advice and not just look for products with these ingredients and use them as they can cause harm and make the problem worse.

We have been working with Obagi for over 6 years and we have successfully treated so many clients with pigmentation.

We are an Obagi Ambassador Clinic which allows us access to on going training in London on the latest Obagi products and innovations in the aesthetic industry.

All our consultations are free of charge and we are able to prescribe the right products for you and help you on your skincare journey.

For any further advice or to book your consultation please click here

I know it is not easy to put yourself first but I can assure you when you look in the mirror and like what you see there is no better pleasure.


Wishing you all the best


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