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Plasma Pen Treatments
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What is the Plasma Pen?

What is the Plasma Pen?

Plasma Pen is one of the latest non-surgical technologies on the aesthetic scene and we’re lucky enough to have it here at Another Level Medispa. This handheld device emits a electrical arc from the tip to the skin, without actually touching, this vaporises excess skin giving an immediate tightening effect. Small scabs are formed and fall off within roughly 1 week revealing tight, rejuvenated skin.


What can the Plasma Pen be used for?


Plasma Pen can be used for a number of treatments, from eyelid lifts, skin tag removal, body tightening, pigmentation removal and more. With such a variety of treatments and little downtime, this treatment is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments all over the world.

I am Jess, Aesthetic Therapist at Another Level Medispa

I’ve had genetically hooded eyelids since I can remember, so as soon as we bought this treatment in clinic it’s been on my to do list.The treatment is non-invasive and has little downtime. I found a clear weekend and decided to have it done on Friday 11th January .The procedure started with cleansing of the area to be treated and applying a numbing cream, which was left on for 30-45mins.Pictures were taken and the treatment was documented so we could record the procedure.


Does it hurt?

I have a pretty low pain tolerance and found the treatment completely bearable! The numbing cream definitely helped, however a few parts without the cream felt like a little scratch.

How long did it take?

Including the numbing cream, the whole procedure took just over an hour. The numbing cream is the longest part, taking around 45 minutes, the actual plasma pen treatment only took 30 minutes.

Can you go out after?

Yes, the scabs might not be the best look, however that didn’t stop me going to the supermarket. A cover and care cream is provided after the treatment which has pigment to cover, however you can still see the texture of the scabs underneath.

How long does it take for the scabs to start coming off?

Within a week the scabs started to come away revealing slightly pink skin which in turn began to heal and become tighter.

Just over two weeks and I can notice my eyelids are definitely lifted.

I will have a follow up treatment in 4 months time to tighten my eyelids further and more of a lift.


Currently our clinic is offering this treatment at 40% Off at £270 with follow up treatments at £150.


It is a real must for those who do not want to have eye surgery and have the skin cut away(Blephraplasty). Further information on this treatment can be found here.

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