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Reported Aesthetic Trends of 2017

Reported Aesthetic Trends of 2017

New research shows that the demand for non-surgical procedures is causing a downturn in cosmetic procedures. We are now living our lives in the fast lane and that means no time for procedures that involve downtime. The Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has reported a drop of 40% in cosmetic operations with people opting for non-surgical procedures.


I have always been an advocate of non-surgical procedures for face and body for cure, prevention and maintenance. Statistics show women are most commonly having Botox with a cited figure of 90% followed by Dermal Fillers 86%, with 42% having Chemical Skin Peels and 36% laser hair removal being the most popular procedures. Men’s statistics show that the top treatment like women is Botox at 83%, however the second most popular for men is teeth whitening 44%, only 36% dermal fillers followed by laser hair removal.


Over the years I have noticed an increase in the number of clients who start their non-surgical procedures before they turn 40. Current published statistics are 93% clients start their non-surgical treatments before 40. This new age of clients have access to a lot more information from Bloggers, internet, TV than those that are a decade older.


This enables them to be on the ‘prevent’ strategy rather than those clients who start their non-surgical procedures well into their 40’s and have to adopt the ‘cure’ strategy.


The other fast growing trend is that of Body Contouring. Fat Freezing has seen the highest number of enquiries as well as clients seeking this treatment. It is not surprising that these procedures are becoming more popular because even those clients who are having invasive fat removal treatments will still need to have procedures like RF to make the fat pliable before the liposuction and then after to drain off excess lumpy bumpy fat.


Here at Another Level Medispa we are current in all our treatments and bring knowledge and over 13 years of experience to help clients attain their Beauty & Aesthetic goals.


This is such an exciting time when so many result driven treatments are available in your own town without making expensive trips to London. For more information call 01245 260600 and book your free consultation with us today.


Ageing is a fact of life, Looking your age is not.


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