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Multi Line Hifu- What it can do for you?

Multi Line Hifu- What it can do for you?


We are already in Spring and preparing for Holidays, Graduations, Summer Balls and Weddings..

Every year I attend ACE – Aesthetic Conference & Exhibition in London which keeps me up to date

with the latest trends in the aesthetic & beauty industry.

This year has seen the introduction of the multi line HIFU system which is proving to be a very popular treatment amongst those

that are serious about skin tightening and lifting, knowing the fact that you do not need to have more than 3 treatments in any one given year is also very enticing.

So I had to try this new treatment. Wow!! I was impressed and that is why we have introduced it in to Another Level Medispa. Not only does it focus on

the face, jowls, neck its great for tightening and lifting abdomen, thighs and arms – we believe it is the ultimate anti ageing for face and body.


HIFU is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which works by emitting a precisely controlled focused beam of ultrasound.

The beam passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin and is concentrated at the right depth to produce the correct

temperatures needed to generate new collagen and elastin which will result in tighter and smoother skin.

It is truly



My main concerns have always been my thighs, I can so do with some tightening and lifting.

I have had one treatment and the results are amazing. I am so pleased with the lifting and tightening

from this one treatment that I cannot wait for my second and third treatments which will be spaced

out over the year.

We have posted our treatment video on Facebook so take a peak!

Currently to launch this new treatment we are offering 30% Off for a very limited time. Click Here for details



I know it’s not easy deciding what new treatment to go with and whether it is just a fad. That is why I am here to trial, test and recommend

the treatments that make a difference for those that want results and value for money. Another Level Medispa was created to bring the latest

technologies and therapies to Chelmsford from Harley Street. If any there is anything I can do to help you reach your aesthetic goals please

contact me here


Best Wishes


Mrs Perminder Birk