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Mesotherapy – ‘The A Lister’s Facial’

Mesotherapy – ‘The A Lister’s Facial’



My name is Jess and I am a beauty aesthetic therapist at Another Level Medispa. I have expertise in this field having worked in Harley Street for a number of years. Through the years I have grown to understand the consumer and their needs in a very fast paced industry. One of my favorite treatments is Mesotherapy ‘The A Listers Facial ‘as it addresses so many concerns and delivers amazing results.



What is Mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a treatment involving micro-injections of vitamins and other pharmaceutical products into the skin. But it’s not as scary as it sounds. It’s currently one of the leading non-surgical procedures on the market for a wide range of skin problems, ranging from pigmentation to cellulite reduction to hair loss. It can even be used as filler by medical professionals.



Who should be having Mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is suitable for most people, depending on medical history, and brilliant for all ages as it covers such a wide range of concerns. As it’s a completely customised treatment, we can design a cocktail specifically for you rather than premade serums for certain age groups/skin concerns.  I’ve used Mesotherapy on myself numerous times to rehydrate, contour and brighten my skin whereas I’ve also had clients the same age as myself using it for skin tightening and lifting.


What’s actually in the injections?


What’s being used in the injections differs from person to person. We personalise injectable cocktails for everyone meaning you get the best treatment for your concerns. The solutions vary from Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and even caffeine, these are popular for the youthful glow everyone is trying to achieve.


Will I look like a celebrity afterwards?


Well that depends on who you’re trying to look like! I’ve always believed aesthetic treatments are to enhance your natural beauty, not change who you are. We’re never going to be able to stop the ageing process but we can definitely postpone it and achieve the best of you for you….

Great Skin, Great Body, Great Hair & Great Confidence


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All the Best