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With the vision of promoting inner and outer wellness of mind, body, spirit and soul Another Level Medispa was created. Call our Chelmsford Beauty/Aesthetic Salon on 01245 260 600 to book an appointment or visit our website to book online.
Skincare | Obagi | Tebiskin | Epionce | Enerpeels | Blue Radiance
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Flawless skin is not that far away

Flawless skin is not that far away

Good Skincare is the start to good skin.


With over 14 years in the aesthetic industry we pride ourselves in being knowledgeable and approachable here at Another Level Medispa.

We love to keep up to date with the latest training in skincare products and treatments for every skincare problem.

No matter what the concerns we aim to help improve your skin to get your confidence back. Good Skin does not have to cost the earth.

Below we have listed a few concerns that clients come to us with. We offer FREE Skincare Consultations




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Hydration Guide



Applying the wrong ointments and emolients to dry skin may provide temporary relif but won’t

provide a long-term fix; but by improving hylauronic acid levels we can restore healthy hydrated skin.







Pigmentation Guide



Pigmentation comes in two different forms which need treating differently.
The TripleLock system from Tebiskin removes the inflammatory stimulus and normalises melanin production.
Each case is different but we strive to give each client the result they want to acheive.





Acne Guide




84% of difficult to treat acne patients found Tebiskin products worked faster than antibiotics. Tebiskin OSK was also more effective than the number 1 prescribed product without side effects!

Ageing Guide



As we age the Hyaluronic Acid in our skin decreases, leading to increased collagen binding meaning the skin is less able to spring back when stretched.
Regulating the collagen production increases the mobility and proliferation of the skin, brining back that youthful skin!





Rosecea Guide


Did you know our Synchrorose (Rosacure) is more effective than antibiotics to treat rosacea?
By using 4 key ingredients it not only improves visable rosacea symptoms but also builds up the Trigger Tolerance Threshold which increases resistance to a flare up.





There is so much more to skin and there is so much more to our treatments.


If you are unsure let us help you, we can tailor make skincare packages to your budget.


We look forward to seeing you soon.


All the Best


Perminder Birk