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Do you know who’s Injecting you?

Do you know who’s Injecting you?

Injectables are one of the most popular treatments in the UK today, but do you know who is injecting you and what is being injected?

Our Nurse

Jane Kelly initially worked for the NHS in surgical nursing before progressing onto theatre nursing in private hospitals. Over the last 7  years Jane has specialised her skills into aesthetic treatments, working in award winning clinics in London and Essex. With her experience she has now become a trainer in Harley Street, teaching other Nurses, Doctors and Dentists the skills she has learnt.

Some of Jane’s work includes 

So why is who’s injecting you important?

You wouldn’t let a nail tech give you a surgery and injectables should be no different. Injectables may be popular treatments today but they are still a medical procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Each patient will have to fill out a thorough medical history, as well as talking to the injector to check they are suitable, and have realistic goals that can be achieved. Any injectable treatment has a risk and will always come with complications which should always be explained by the injector. Always make sure your injector is medically trained (e.g. a Doctor, Nurse or Dentist) and knows what to do in an emergency, as well as carry out any emergency treatment. Only medically trained professionals should be carrying out injectable treatments, not only for the best and safest results but also to avoid any complications. They should be fully equipped with the correct First Aid kit and products to deal with any adverse reaction immediately.

What is being injected?

The treatment will determine what is being injected, but you should always know what brand and which product is being used. Fillers vary depending on which area of the face they are being used, our filler of choice is usually Juvederm, which has several types of filler so we can give the best result for each patient. Most problems that occur from fillers could have been prevented if the injector used the correct product. The correct products are hard for non-medic injectors to get hold of which can result in complications or unsatisfactory results. Non medics can buy online products from superstores at a fraction of the price which are not FDA approved and hence do not carry all the standards required to make them safe.

The lesson here is do not look for the cheapest price !

What are the risks?

Injectables are great treatments when done properly and can leave a beautiful natural look, however when done by someone unqualified complications can include occluded arteries, leading to tissue death like below which require emergency treatment.

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If you inject too much volume into the lip, the Cupid’s bow could become flattened, and this can cause a problem with definition.

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Never be scared to question your injector, they should be able to answer any queries to put your mind at ease.
No question is a stupid question.


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