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Leading Beauty & Aesthetic Clinic on Chelmsford High Street Est 2005. With Cutting edge non surgical treatments Cryo Fat Freezing, Plasma Pen, Laser Hair Removal, RF Skin Tightening, BOTOX®, Dermal Fillers, Microneedling, Skin Peels, Mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, Verrucae & Skin Tag Removal, Thread Veins,
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Aesthetic Clinic

Over 13 years experience providing access to High End treatments

Did you know

From the age of 25 our bodies stop producing Collagen. What is Collagen ? It is the protein that gives our skin it’s youthfulness, plumpness and firmness. By the age of 35, depending upon our lifestyle & genetics, our skin begins to show visible signs of ageing. New research shows that the demand for non-surgical procedures is causing a downturn in cosmetic procedures. We are now living our lives in the fast lane and that means no time for procedures that involve downtime. The Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has reported a drop of 40% in cosmetic operations with people opting for non-surgical procedures. Statistics show women are most commonly having BOTOX®  with a cited figure of 90% followed by Dermal Fillers 86%, with 42% having Chemical Skin Peels and 36% laser hair removal being the most popular procedures. Men’s statistics show that the top treatment like women is BOTOX® at 83%, however the second most popular for men is teeth whitening 44%, only 36% dermal fillers followed by laser hair removal. There is also a rise in Fat Freezing procedures for body contouring for both men and women…


Over the years we have noticed an increase of up to 93% of clients who start their non-surgical procedures before they turn 40.  This new age of clients have access to a lot more information from Bloggers, social media, internet, TV than those that are a decade older. This enables them to be on the ‘prevent’ strategy rather than those clients who start their non-surgical procedures well into their 40’s and have to adopt the ‘cure’ strategy.


So why wait for the problem ? Good continuous and knowledgeable Skincare and Body treatments are the way forward.. ‘It is Never Too Late

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