Hair Removal - Another Level Medispa
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Beauty Treatments

Waxing, Electrolysis or Laser, they all remove hair. What is the best way to remove unwanted hair ?We use hot wax for intimate waxing areas, Brazilians, Hollywoods etc.. Warm wax is used on all other areas. Waxing will give an instant smooth look but it can encourage ingrown hairs especially on the bikini line, backs of legs and chin area. Waxing the upper lip constantly will cause a permanent shadow as the skin builds a barrier to the waxing  as it not only strips off the hair but the top layer of the epidermis as well. Laser hair removal is the only permanent solution to the hair growth problem. 

Electrolysis is good for small areas, ie lip and chin. The lip area can be slightly more painful as there are a lot of nerve endings in this area. Overall electrolysis will eventually destroy the root by the electrical current passing down the hair shaft. It is a great way to get rid of those odd chin hairs and especially if they are grey as the laser will not be able to treat them. There are very few beauty clinics that still do this treatment but here at the Another Level we feel it is a very important to offer a treatment that is very well suited for our elderly clientele.

Full Arm £18 

Top Leg £18

Half Leg £18

Three Quarter Leg  £19

Full Leg £25

Forearm £14

Underarm £10

Bikini  £12

High Bikini £18

Brazilian(Hot Wax)£24

Hollywood(Hot Wax)£28

Naval Line £8

Back/Chest  £25

Top Lip/Face/Chin £8

Eyebrow Shape £10